This Morning's Topic is Placemats!!

How many place mats do you really need? One of my biggest mistakes was buying a service of 12 for our growing extended family. I bought place settings in spring and summer colors, fall colors and winter colors so that I would never run out. There was always two settings in colors that worked together. Having done that, I decided that I needed place mats that would match. I now have a drawer that is full of place mats... gorgeous to be sure, but I honestly don't need them all. They are now in a box destined to go to GoodWill and I will come up with a plan if I ever need 12 place mats again. I used butcher paper once with crayons at every place settings. Everyone had a great time!! I just might do that again!! Hope that I gave you something to think about today :) Here is to making 2017 the most profitable year that you have ever had!

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