Spending Money... Choose Wisely

 I had a hospital procedure done this morning and I couldn't have breakfast so I thought that I was more than entitled to have one on the way home. Hubby agreed but then I thought about it. I still had pretty bad cramping and although I was starving, I thought that I would be a lot more comfortable having breakfast at home... which I did and then headed straight up to bed and slept for 2 hours straight.

So my point... don't spend money because you think that you deserve it. Have that breakfast when you are going to enjoy every mouthful!!

Hope that I gave you something to think about today :) Here is to making 2017 the most profitable year that you have ever had!
---------What I Did Today-------------
Went for a long walk and picked up garbage that I found on the side of the road! Did a small number of dishes by hand instead of putting them in the dishwasher. Made dessert with what I had in the pantry. Use up what you have!!! The Kitchen Gift Basket... Perfect For Anyone on Your Gift List
PICK AND CHOOSE what works for your budget
- muffin tins, dish cloths, tea towels, colander, tongs, recipe cards, recipe box, cheese cutter, decorative jars, honey server, candy cups, homemade napkin rings, kitchen towels, oven mitts, scented candles, salt and pepper shakers, kettle, miniature frying pan, pizza pan, rolling pin, coasters, casserole dish, cleaning supplies, cookie tin
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